Aetelier was a dynamic design studio based in Rotterdam. Founded by Ivania Carpio in collaboration with Jos Carpio and Romeo Pokomasse, Aetelier brought together their individual perspectives and expertise. From 2016 to 2021, the studio embarked on an of exploratory trip. Through an anti-squatting program, they continually moved through a diverse range of temporary empty spaces. Including a historical building of the Amsterdamse School style, 1980s pavilion by Wim Quist in the old harbor of Rotterdam, post-war sunflower-roofed children’s gym, an old bank and a former coffee factory. Aeteliers’ creative endeavours were informed by the distinct character, possibilities and limitations of each location. This constant spatial exploration became an integral part of their creative process, allowing them to engage with and respond to the unique energy of their surroundings. Aetelier created objects, sculptures and concepts that celebrated the inherent beauty found in the everyday while being informed by a perpetual state of under-construction.